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Hello there, my name is Dianne, and I welcome you to my website and the wonderful world of Alpacas.

I came across these amazing animals whilst working in the U.S.A. I had never seen an alpaca before and knew nothing about them. I was captivated, and enchanted by them. Just looking at them gave me a feeling of peace and contentment. It is difficult to put into words but there was something about them I couldn’t explain but I knew I wanted to share my life with these animals. I returned to Cornwall in 2004, sold everything I had and one year later Little Hamlet Alpacas located nr Gwennap Pit began. I purchased 3 pregnant females and 3 boys and started to live the life I had always dreamt of.

A lot has happened since 2004 and my journey so far has had many ups and downs but I gained a vast amount of knowledge along the way and I am now the Regional Welfare Rep for the Cornwall Alpaca and Llama Group, an unpaid post but one that gives me great satisfaction helping fellow alpaca owners who experience problems and advising those who are considering owning alpacas on the right way to care for these animals. In 2009 I was awarded the Felip Benevides Trophy for my work on Alpaca Welfare and in 2012 Animal Health and Defra contracted me to go around the country training their Animal Health Officers on all aspects of Alpaca Care, Behaviour, Welfare, Handling and Husbandry.

By 2008 I had built up my herd to 19 all of them my beloved pets but later that year I lost half of them to bovine tb which left my fields empty and an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Then the RSPCA asked me to take in a severely neglected herd of 6 alpacas. I agreed and despite it being incredibly hard work, new life was brought back on to my farm and my rescue work began. I have since then rehomed over 400 alpacas to kind and loving forever new homes. These cases range from caring owners who are no longer able to look after their alpacas and want a good loving home for them, through to grossly neglected alpacas brought here by the RSPCA. Despite all the heartache, the pleasure they have given me cannot be put into words.

Sadly alpacas are being miss-sold by many unscrupulous breeders who put financial gain before the welfare of the animals. Because of this there is an increase in unwanted and much neglected alpacas. Click here to view WHAT ALPACAS NEED.

I now have 20 alpacas, 75% of which are rescue/welfare cases, all of them totally different, with different personalities and quirks but all beautiful, hilarious and magical. They are very curious animals, highly intelligent, protective of their young and of each other. They are a herd animal always in a pack and must never be kept alone. All my alpacas including the rescue cases are my pets, and I would never sell any of them - it would be like selling a member of the family. So once a year when they are sheared I have their beautiful fleeces spun and then their wool is made into cushions, scarves, hats and gloves etc which I sell in my craft shop here at Little Hamlet.

Please consider adopting one of our alpacas as a gift for someone special or for yourself. You can then come and visit him/her. Full details are on the Adopt Ollie page.

Although I am not open to the general public, those that adopt, visitors to the craft shop and small groups of up to 8 people are welcome . I also offer training / educational courses for those thinking about or already own alpacas or just want to learn more about hem Full details on the VISIT US page

One thing is certain: Everyone that comes here goes away with a big smile on their face.

I look forward to welcoming you to Little Hamlet Alpacas.

Where Alpacas are Loved, Respected and Protected.